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Individual Trainings

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Group Classes

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Individual Trainings

What’s the difference between a good day and a great day?

That my dog did not pull on the leash as much as usual, or that he didn´t molest the neighbour’s dog for a change? That he scratches himself less than he did before, and that he finally got rid of his diarrhoea?

Maybe it’s the fact that I can try to relax while running errands for hours, knowing that my home won’t look like a battlefield when I return?

Could it be the look my dog gives me after learning a new trick? Or possibly the additionally satisfaction we both get from our daily activities together?

In any case, I want to support you with transforming your good days into even better days. I am ambitious to help you achieve success, in combination with  having a joyful dog training.

First consultation, approx. 1 ½ hours: € 90,- (including training plan and first exercises)
Individual lesson: € 70,-
Block of five individual lessons: € 320,-

Group Classes

10 lessons: 240 €

We Offer a Wide Range of Group Classes

Everyday skills:

In this dog class, which is held specifically in English, we will focus on working with everyday doggie skills. This in done to ensure a simple and relaxed daily routine for you and your four-legged friend. We will practice leash skills, learn how to build a reliable recall, and learning how to manage tight street situations, which happen a lot in big cities like Vienna. And finally, we will also discuss proper dog obedience in this class.

Trick training:
Small exercises with our dogs are not only fun for them, but it also gives us a great opportunity to strengthen our relationship. Additionally, trick training is a great chance to enhance our dogs’ mental abilities, which can be especially helpful when we there is a lack of time, or our long walk can’t take place due to bad weather.

Meeting other dogs – safe and sound:
In spring 2019, I will offer my training program focusing on dog encounters again! This class is for all dogs that react with great excitement when meeting fellow four-legged-friends (this could be out of agitation, frustration, joy, insecurity, or lack of routine).


Where? 1170 Vienna, Bergzeile or 1030 Vienna, Gärtnergasse

When? If you want to know more about our prevailing offers, don’t hesitate to contact me by send an e-mail to training(at)maudundlolo.at